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March 2020 Diary of Events
Sunday 1st
Sunday Lunch and Bridge
Monday 2nd   
Tuesday 3rd   
Wednesday 4th
Partnership Bridge
Thursday 5th18:30 - 22:00
Evening Duplicate Bridge (Charity Challenge)
Friday 6th   
Saturday 7th
Ladies Scratch (Feathers) v Northwood (H)
07:30 - 11:37
Ladies Medal
07:30 - 12:30
March Medal
Sunday 8th   
Monday 9th   
Tuesday 10th   
Wednesday 11th
Partnership Bridge
Course Closed Until Midday for Ladies Competition
06:41 - 12:26
Ladies EWGA/Club Medal
Thursday 12th   
Friday 13th07:30 - 14:30
Dentists GS
08:30 - 09:00
Dentists GS
Saturday 14th
Please note that Ireland v RoW and Irish Night has moved to 21st March
Sunday 15th
Howden Trophy
Ladies Stableford
Monday 16th
Ridett Trophy Knockout Begins
Bothams Trophy Knockout Begins
Scratch Cup Knockout Begins
Rabbits Trophy Knockout Begins
Whittington Trophy Knockout Begins
Veterans' Cup Knockout Begins
Tuesday 17th
Past Masters Spring Meeting (H)
Wednesday 18th
Partnership Bridge
06:41 - 12:26
Ladies Stableford
Thursday 19th
Seniors v Hartsborne (A)
Friday 20th   
Saturday 21st   
Sunday 22nd   
Monday 23rd   
Tuesday 24th   
Wednesday 25th   
Thursday 26th   
Friday 27th   
Saturday 28th   
Sunday 29th   
Monday 30th
Ladies' Bronze Scratch KO Trophy Knockout Begins
Ladies' Junior Prize KO Knockout Begins
Ladies' Harris Browne Bowl Knockout Begins
Ladies' Silver Scratch KO Trophy Knockout Begins
Ladies Veteran's KO Trophy Knockout Begins
Ladies Weekend Trophy Knockout Begins
Ladies Senior/Junior Foursomes (for entry) Knockout Begins
Tuesday 31st 
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