On the golf course, smart customary golf wear is expected. In the clubhouse, smart casual clothing is expected, other than on certain occasions when a specified dress code will be advised.

Examples of what the Committee expects these standards to mean in practice

NOT to be worn in the Clubhouse

  • Trainers
  • Hats
  • Caps
  • Dirty or torn clothing

NOT to be worn anywhere at the Club

  • Non – golfing sports and leisure wear such as track suits
  • Running shorts
  • Cycling shorts
  • Beach wear

Items that can be worn in the clubhouse without socks

  • Shirts may be worn outside trousers/shorts/skirts if designed to be worn that way
  • Deck shoes 
  • Sandals


  • Smart denim jeans may be worn in the clubhouse. Blue denim jeans are not acceptable on the course.

During Summer

  • Clean golf shoes may be worn in the carpeted area of the Bar. Metal spikes are not acceptable