Highgate Golf Club was founded in 1904 and it prides itself on the highest standards. Whilst a private members club, we of course welcome new members in joining our fabulous club. 

There are a number of ways you can join and they are all quite enjoyable as they involve playing golf!

One significant advantage of being a Member of Highgate is the locker availablity- we have bag lockers for all our Members.

1.    Member Proposed

You can join by being proposed and seconded by current members of the Club

2.    Playing in for those who currently play golf

If you do not know members of the club who could propose or second you, there are still ways in which you can join.

The main route is to provide a letter about yourself, your golfing background and interest in golf. It is helpful (but not essential) to provide a reference from a previous club and current handicap certificate if you have them.  You’ll usually then be invited to play some golf with the Manager (possibly 5-6 holes).

The next step in the process is to play with other members of the Club.  There are two purposes to this process. On the Club’s side we value decent people who love the game and respect the course, so it’s good to make sure all our members are a good fit. From the applicant’s perspective – if they don’t currently have a handicap we can use this process to get you one.  This would in turn determine the category of membership. For 7 Day Membership you need a CONGU handicap of 24 or lower (Men) or 30 or lower (Ladies).

3.    Beginners or those with handicaps of 24 or above for men and 30 and above for ladies

For those with handicaps of 24 or above for men and 30 and above for ladies, 5 day membership may be offered.

If you are a beginner; do not dismay!  Beginners will be assessed and referred to Robin Turner, the Professional, for lessons. Your application can proceed once it has Robin’s endorsement. Robin will be able to take you onto the course to get you up to the standard required for membership.

All applicants will be "played in" and then you will meet the Membership committee. 

Whilst the process may seem lengthy it does serve to ensure that all successful applicants, upon joining, have got to know a few members. This in turn allows people to settle in to membership immediately and to get the most out of membership...

Couples wishing to apply are welcomed, although it is worth stressing each application is taken on the individual merit.

Tiered rates of membership subscriptions are available for members aged 18-34.  Entrance fee discounts also apply to under 39 year olds.

Applications for new members can be as quick as 4 weeks, depending on availability (timing from application to interview).


Highgate also has a vibrant Junior section and is considered a fantastic, safe family environment to be enjoyed by the whole family. Junior members benefit from regular coaching from our club professionals, and many have gone on to become very accomplished golfers, with internationalists among the ranks. Please contact us to find out more on the email address below.

Membership rates?

Well these are available on request…. They are not as high a people often expect!

To find out more on the benefits of membership please email admin@highgategc.co.uk

Subscription rates

Details of subscription rates are available on request by contacting
the Club Office: Click here


Telephone: 020 8340 1906 ext 6
Email: admin@highgategc.co.uk

or enquire in writing to

Highgate Golf Club
Denewood Road
N6 4AH