As Chairman of Mind in Haringey and a Highgate Golf Club member, I am delighted to say that we will be holding our 5th annual golf charity day, in support of Mind in Haringey, on 25th June 2020. 

These events are a lifeline for small local charities like Mind, which receive no statutory help from Haringey or from National Mind.  To survive we have to be successful in applications to Haringey CCG, ie the NHS, and other funders, both of which are extremely difficult, raise funds by selling our expertise in services such as mental health first aid training, and put on fundraising events. 

We are very grateful for the support of the Club and have established a reputation for putting on a good day for all those who take part.  Last year's event featured the internationally known, golf trick shot artist Jeremy Dale, who entertained us all with an amazing show.  We also are really grateful to the 92 men and women, mostly drawn from HGC members who played in the event and to the many local businesses who sponsored the holes.  By doing so, they provided invaluable support for people who are in real need of our help. 

Planning these fundraisers is not easy but by creating events that are enjoyable for all those taking part, we have raised about £30,000 each year for a very worthwhile cause,  which provides help and support for anyone in Haringey with mental health issues. 

David Pascall

Chair, Mind in Haringey