Using Technology to Improve Your Game

It is a popular misconception that custom fitting of clubs is only for better players.  The facts are that it is better for everybody.  Yes, it does help very good golfers to maximise their ball striking but having clubs that are individually fitted also helps higher handicap golfers to hit the ball better and more consistently.  

In the dedicated, all-weather teaching bay I use the latest Trackman 4 Launch Monitor linked to three video cameras to provide detailed video and computer analysis of your swing and the data it gathers provides the basis for my teaching and for specifying club heads and shafts that will maximise your potential.

What is Custom Fitting?

Custom fitting is the process by which I tailor golf equipment to match your physique, your hand size, your swing speed and any consistent swing flaws in order to encourage better technique and enable you deliver the clubhead square at impact.  The result is greater consistency and better ball striking.

How do I do This?

As part of the process to measure your static and dynamic fit, I use the Trackman 4 launch monitor, which uses very precise radar to measure your swing speed, swing path, club face alignment, launch angle, spin rate and ball flight as you can see from the images, below.

  Trackman data image

Trackman clubhead data

The data that is captured over a number of shots provides a consistent picture of these details and enables me to create an exact specification.

I am a registered fitting professional for Callaway, Titleist, and Ping clubs and have over 2000 different combinations of woods, hybrids, irons and wedges in a wide variety of shafts and grip types and sizes and can ensure that your clubs are fitted with the optimum head, shaft and grip for your game.


SAM PuttLab

The SAM PuttLab uses extremely sensitive, ultrasonic 3D measurements, derived from medical technology, to produce a series of precise data points and images which enables a player and me to see exactly what is happening to your putter throughout the stroke.

Puttlab report page 1 Puttlab report Page 2

I know that using the technology to have your clubs fitted can help you to improve your game!

Club Fitting

Club fitting is by appointment only and is subject to a fitting fee.  This fee will be refunded should you order your clubs through me.

To book a fitting, please call Robin Turner, on 0208 340 5467 or email