Robin Turner has been at the Club since 1977 and qualified as a PGA
professional in 1979.

Robin is available for lessons to members and non-members or beginners alike. Junior coaching sessions are arranged during the holidays and are a great place for your child to learn the game. Lessons take place in a covered range, putting green or short game area.

Robin uses the GASP system which provides video and computer
analysis of your swing. You can also be measured against the Tour pros. You can obtain the video data to help you focus on the key areas for

Custom Fitting

Robin also has a well stocked shop and is a registered fitting centre for Callaway, Titleist, Yonex and Ping clubs, with an extensive range of custom trial clubs. A launch monitor is used for all custom fitting. This will gauge your swing speed, launch angle, spin rate and ball flight to ensure your clubs are fitted with the optimum shaft and loft for your game.

Custom fitting Highgate Golf Club - Callaway, Titleist, Ping and Yonex

We have over 2000 different combinations of Woods hybrids, Irons and wedges to test in a wide variety of shafts and grip choices to find the exact club specification to suit your requirements

What is custom fitting?

Custom fitting is the process by which golf equipment is tailored to your

1. Specification. Fitting can be used to achieve many different aims.

2. Adapting to a players dimensions tall, short, hand size.

3. Reducing the consistent swing fault.

4. To encourage the correct technique.

5. To eliminate a specific shot, in order to get the club head and face to come to a square position at impact more often than if the player was using standard equipment.

Who needs custom fitting?

At its more technical level Custom fitting can build low handicap golfers and Professional’s a more efficient swings with shafts fitted to your swing speed and tempo.

Higher handicap players can use adjustments in lie angles and shafts to overcome repetitive swing faults.

Beginners need well fitted equipment to encourage the correct set up.

How to find the correct equipment

We have many years of experience in club fitting. I am P.G.A qualified with many years of teaching golf and club fitting. We will look at your static and dynamic fit whilst assessing you on our launch monitor.

The Launch monitor is a state of the art computerised radar technology. It reads club head speed launch angle backspin side spin, ball speed, distance and shot disbursion.

Click here for a snapshot of the Flightscope technology.

Club fitting

Bookings need to be made and there is a charge for club fitting.

To book for a fitting call Robin Turner, Highgate Golf Club.
Denewood Road, London, N6 4AH

Tel 0208 340 5467