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Women in Golf Charter.

Highgate Golf Club have an unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive culture within golf.


Initiatives like the Women in Golf Charter by England Golf play a crucial role in promoting diversity and equality within the sport.

Encouraging more women and girls to participate in golf not only aligns with ethical principles but also holds significant potential for the growth of the sport both economically and culturally. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and encouragement, clubs like Highgate Golf Club can contribute to breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for women to thrive in golf, whether it’s through participation or pursuing careers within the industry.

In alignment with England Golf’s initiative to promote a culture that values women’s involvement in every facet of the sport, from participation to professional careers, it remains imperative to persist in fostering an environment where women feel fully included. Recognizing golf’s historical male dominance, Highgate Golf Club is steadfast in its dedication to cultivating a culture of inclusivity and encouragement.

To achieve this objective and empower women throughout the realm of golf, England Golf acknowledges the necessity for a fundamental cultural shift. The ethical imperative for change is evident, alongside the substantial economic benefits of broadening the sport’s appeal to more women and girls.

One significant avenue through which women were historically excluded from golf was the availability of appropriate equipment. Highgate Golf Club is actively addressing this issue by ensuring an extensive selection of women’s golf attire, catering to all sizes, as well as boasting the largest array of female golf footwear in our Pro Shop. These efforts aim to contribute to the growing female influence in golf.

Moreover, our Pro Shop stocks women’s grips and clubs, with our experts capable of customizing any female clubs. Ensuring that female players can perform at their best is paramount to us, and we are committed to providing assistance in any way possible.

In cooperation with England Golf’s objective to increase female participation in the sport, Highgate Golf Club offers “Ladies Get into Golf.” Through this program, we connect women interested in learning the sport with our Pros. This initiative aims to dismantle barriers that beginners may feel when joining the sport, facilitating introductory lessons to build enjoyment and skill.

The R&A pledges to take a leading role in this endeavour, collaborating with affiliates, partners, and the wider golf industry to achieve the stated goal.

By signing this Charter, Highgate Golf Club reaffirms its commitment to creating a welcoming and inspiring environment for women. We pledge to redouble our efforts to attract, retain, and support women in golf, fostering fulfilling and rewarding careers within the sport.

The Charter can be read in full Here 

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