I’m Robin Turner.  I came to Highgate as an assistant pro in 1977 and was retained by the Club as the Professional in 1986.

Every golfer can benefit from having a lesson and whether you are a member or a non-member, a beginner who is starting to play or a seasoned golfer who is looking to improve, I have the experience and the technology to help you raise your game.

Covered teaching bay at HGC

I give most of my long-game lessons in this dedicated, all-weather teaching bay within the Club’s practice area, where players can get the maximum benefit from the information provided by the Trackman 4 launch monitor which provides video and computer analysis of your swing and side-by-side comparison with some of the game’s great players. 

I also give lessons on the two practice areas on the course and playing lessons on the course for those who are either making the transition into playing golf or want greater insight into course strategy.   

The Club’s short game practice area provides an opportunity for players to gain a greater understanding of pitching and chipping, a neglected part of the game that could transform the scores of many mid and higher handicap players.

I also offer lessons on putting.  If you think that on a course, where the par is 72, 36 of those shots are expected to be putts, it becomes obvious that this part of the game is crucial. 

Puttlab face at aim and impact

In addition to the basic, technical advice about grip, alignment and ball position, my SAM Puttlab system can deliver important information about the swing path and what is happening to the clubhead during your putting stroke.  This can help you to deliver the clubhead more consistently and hole more putts!

We know that practice does not make us perfect – but practicing the right things will make us better.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Type Fee
30 Minute Lesson £39
Hour Lesson £64


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To find out more about lessons, teaching facilities and Custom Club fitting at Highgate please contact the Pro Shop: 020 8340 5467 or e-mail robinturnerhgc@gmail.com